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Dawson's role as a traditional library supplier continues to evolve, driving innovation to provide libraries, information departments and, most recently, end users with the content they require in ebook and new media formats.

Seamlessly integrating with the existing Dawson services and library workflows indicates the long term commitment and investment made by Dawson Books.

Working with the world's leading publishers, Dawson has ensured that rich and diverse content populates dawsonera for the benefit of library users. Over 270,000 front list titles from more than 500 leading international publishers are now available to purchase or rent in real-time on the platform.

for libraries

Since launching in 2007, dawsonera has become the ebook platform of choice for the UK's leading academic libraries.

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for organisations

dawsonera's flexible purchase business model meets the needs of organisational research libraries whatever the size.

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for publishers

Join the world's leading academic publishers and make your content available through dawsonera.

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