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Compatibility Statement

Our website is compatible with all currently supported browser versions from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Firefox on supported versions of Windows, OSX, iOS and Android.  For older and less popular browsers functionality degrades gracefully, so whereas we may support drag and drop in the latest version of a browser this may degrade into another simpler way to achieve the same outcome in an old browser.

For users who want the best accessibility version for use with screen readers and similar technologies we target a smaller subset because this is where these features are evolving the faster:

Our website is WCAG AA+ compatible with latest and previous version of browsers from Microsoft, Google and  Apple on latest versions and previous version of Windows, OSX, iOS and Android.

For downloaded content opened in Adobe Digital editions, please see a full list of supported devices here:


Tutorial Videos

How do I create an Adobe ID for Adobe Digital Editions/BlueFire?  

How do I copy from an eBook?

How do I preview an eBook?

How do I request a rental?

How do I suggest a title for purchase?

How do I print from an eBook?

How do I use citation managers?

What is My Bookshelf?



How do I authorise my computer for Adobe Digital Editions?

If it’s your first time using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), you should be prompted to login using your existing Adobe ID or create a new login. You can do this here https://accounts.adobe.com/. Click “Get an Adobe ID” and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’re not prompted, navigate to Help > Authorise Computeror click ctrl+Shft+U.


How do I de-authorise my computer for Adobe Digital Editions?

Open Adobe Digital Editions and navigate to Help > Erase Authorisation or click ctrl+shft+D. Enter your password for the Adobe ID that’s currently in use and click “continue.”

Do I have to use an Adobe ID when downloading titles?

To access a downloaded title without an Adobe ID, please tick “I want to authorise my computer without an ID,” in the bottom left-hand corner of Adobe Digital Editions, when you are prompted to authorise your computer.

To register for a free Adobe ID, please click here.  

How do I transfer downloaded content between devices?

You can transfer a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected file to your device through one of the following ways:

•           Using Dropbox, download and open the eBook file in ADE

•           Using your email client, save the file and open in ADE

•           After mounting/connecting the device, use iTunes or any other similar tool to copy the files to ADE.

•           By downloading the .acsm file and fulfilling directly or be re-fulfilling the .acsm file already downloaded to your device.

Which browsers are compatible with iOS downloads?

Both Safari and Chrome work with dawsonera downloads to iOS. If you encounter a problem using Chrome, please try holding down the link “for iPad/iPhone users please click here” and wait until you see an action menu. Select “open in new tab” and the download should complete as normal.

 Unfortunately, Firefox is not compatible due to Firefox blocking file downloads on iOS.

Having trouble opening .acsm files on your Android device?

File managers which come bundled with Android versions don't understand the .acsm file format so to resolve this issue, use a File Manager App called 'ES File Explorer' and follow these steps-

1.         Download the app from Google Play if you haven't already got it

2.         Open the app and navigate to where the .acsm file downloads to from your browser(normally in the default downloads folder of the phone)

3.         Hold the downloaded .acsm file and select 'Open As' and then select 'other'

4.         Select 'Adobe Digital Editions'

5.         The book should then open in the app and be added to the library